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The world of "The Necromancer Arises" is a modern-day Earth that has been changed by the emergence of portals leading to dungeons filled with monsters and treasures. Hunters, classified into ranks based on their power level, are people with the ability to enter these dungeons and fight the monsters.

The story follows a powerless protagonist who, one day, discovers a mysterious book in his front yard.
Little did he know, this book would awaken his latent hunter skills, turning him into a force to be reckoned with.
After gaining necromantic powers and becoming a Hunter, he joins the prestigious Hunter’s Academy.

Fight monster, fuck girls and enjoy this epic story based on korean manhwas.
Get "The Necromancer Arises" now on Steam and become the ultimate hunter!

This game is currently in development.

You can support it on subscribestar to get the most recent build and you can also buy it on early access on steam!

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